Community Engagement Starts with You--Get Involved

Volunteers not in the Central Committee contribute valuable time and skills throughout the year and particularly during the political campaign season. Examples of what our volunteers do:

  • Mailings and other prep work
  • Fund-raising
  • Delivering campaign materials to neighbors
  • Organizing meet-the-candidate parties
  • Phone banking
  • Manning fair booths

Join us in keeping your neighborhood informed by becoming a neighborhood Blockworker! You’ll receive access to information and materials as well as work with candidates and other volunteers in your precinct (or the precinct of your choice). Volunteer your way! We want you to be the liaison between the Republican Party and your neighbors. And you can do that any way you wish. So call them, knock on doors, welcome new Republicans, or invite neighbors to functions (your own or public events). It’s your block so get out that vote!

Stay engaged with local Republicans by attending regular clubs and groups that endorse the spirit of our platform.

Keep up-to-date in your inbox by joining our email list. Upcoming events, Chairman’s newsletters, statewide opportunities, and calls to action about local and state politics.

One hundred percent of our operations are funded by donations. Even though we are mandated to perform certain functions, we receive no contributions from the Colorado GOP, National GOP or any government entities. There are times when we work in conjunction with other counties and the state, however, we are completely independent with respect to operations and funding. Please consider contributing to our efforts.

What We Stand For and What We Do