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Run for Office

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We always need hardworking people to help promote our values. If you’re considering running for a House or Senate seat, City Council Seat, or local board seat, contact us.


Volunteers contribute valuable time and skills throughout the year and particularly during the political campaign season. Examples of what our volunteers do:

Have a specific interest? Join one of our volunteer committees:


Network your neighbors! Keep them informed by being a neighborhood blockworker!

You’ll receive access to information and materials while working with candidates and other volunteers in your precinct to spread the word about our candidates. Volunteer your way! We want you to be the liaison between the Republican Party and your neighbors. And you can do that any way you wish. Call them, knock on doors, welcome new Republicans, or invite neighbors to functions or your own or public events. It’s your block so get out that vote!

Join a Club

Stay engaged with local Republicans by attending regular clubs and groups that endorse the spirit of our platform.

Visit our club list to see club dates and times, schedules, and leadership. There’s something for everyone!

Attend Local Events

From monthly happy hours to candidate events, we can fill up your social schedule.

Join us as you have the time – after work, during the day, or on the weekends. There’s always someone hanging out and ready to chat.

Attend Caucus

Every two years we have the chance to attend caucus and become a delegate or precinct captain.

Run for a Small Local Seat

There are many local municipalities and boards that you can run for. Check out our list of seats around Jeffco that we would love to have filled with Republicans with good, conservative values.

Become a Poll Watcher

An important part of election integrity is dedicated Republicans being our eyes and ears during elections. Contact Headquarters to get signed up for a shift that works for you. You’ll be part of the solution and learn a lot about what happens to ballots here in Jeffco.

Become an Election Judge

Election Judges are hired by the County as a contractor to work during this year’s Primary and General Elections.

Candidates on the list submitted by the local party to the Jeffco Elections’ Division are given priority. So please submit your interest to serve as an Election Judge here, or by calling our headquarters at (303) 277-1113. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number and email address in your notice to us.

Contribute Financially

100% of our operations are funded by donations.

If you have more money than time, this is a great way to help. Even though we are mandated to perform certain functions, we receive no contributions from the Colorado GOP, National GOP, or any government entities. There are times when we work in conjunction with other counties and the state; however, we are completely independent with respect to operations and funding. Please consider contributing to our efforts.

Ready to get more involved?

Here’s even more information if you’re ready to take the next step.

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