Jeffco Election Updates

School Board and Municipality Elections are coming up this November in Jeffco. We need to have strong Conservative voices on all of these boards below. Don’t let people tell you that Republicans can’t win these elections because we can. Please don’t think you have to change your party affiliation to think that is the only way you will win because that is not correct. Jeffco Republicans need to stand strong and be proud. Many Republicans changed their affiliation only to lose the race because they did just that.

Please look at the opportunities below and be the one that steps up to one of these positions. All these positions/races below have a Democrat that has already announced, but no Republican. The Jefferson County Republican party will help Republicans that run for these important races. After I researched all of these cities, we only have 10 Republicans in all of these 100+ elected positions. We can’t complain about how our cities are full of crime, drugs, growth, fee increases (taxes), and inflation, if we don’t step up and make a difference. Now is the time… Let’s take back our cities and school board!!!

Jeffco School Board

We do not have a Republican that has stood up to become a candidate for either position that is up for election this year.

Board Members – Jeffco Public Schools

Stephanie Schooley/Dist 3 – Arvada, Wheat Ridge, North Central Lakewood

Susan Miller/Dist. 4 – Central/South Central Lakewood, Edgewater

City Council and Board/Commissions vacancies


There are 5 positions available for election – Mayor and 4 At-Large positions. Only requirement to run is to live in the city.

Steven Conklin (termed out), Kali Janda, Cory Reid-Vanas, and the only Republican Bill Berg

Your City Council & Mayor | Edgewater, CO (

There are also 2 vacancies on boards – board of adjustments and board of planning and zoning.

Click this link for the application to apply:



There are 3 City Council races up for election. The Mayor, District 1 J.J. Trout, and District 2 Casey Brown. The Mayor, Laura Weinburg will be seeking re-election (Not Republican) and the two City Council positions will not be running again. Casey Brown is termed out and J.J. Trout will not be seeking re-election. So, we have 3 positions that Republicans can step and run for in Golden.

Golden Board/Commission Vacancy – there is one open for the Golden Fire Pension Board. Please call the clerks office for an application and apply.


There are elections for each Ward 1-5, and City Mayor. Currently, we only have a Republican running for Mayor, Don Burkhart, against Wendy Strom, a strong democrat, and democrats running for the other 5 wards. At this point Lakewood will be controlled by Democrats if we do not get some Conservative Republican Candidates in place.

Information for Candidates & Incumbents – City of Lakewood


Up for election in Littleton, that Jeffco can run for is District IV (Kelly Milliman/Incumbent) and At Large (Pam Grove/Incumbent). There is only 1 area in Jeffco that are qualified to run for Littleton City Council. The candidate must reside in the Trailmark division. That is South of C-470, west of Wadsworth.

City Council Members – Littleton CO

Wheat Ridge

There are 6 offices up for election. The city Clerk, the city Treasurer and 1 from each district for council. All incumbents can run for a 2nd term and none of them are registered Republicans. Council – Dist. 1 Judy Hutchison, Dist. 2 Rachel Hultin, Dist. 3 Korey Stites, and Dist. 4 Valerie Nosler Beck

Boards and commissions. There are two openings, Cultural Commission and Parks and Rec.

Cultural Commission | Wheat Ridge, CO – Official Website – At Large Vacancy

Parks & Recreation Commission | Wheat Ridge, CO – Official Website – District 3 Vacancy

Jefferson County

There are over 100+ positions available for Jeffco Boards and Commissions. They accept applications in July, review the applications in August and appoint them in September, every calendar year. Below is the link to find the listing of these positions.

Boards & Commissions | Jefferson County, CO (

I have contacted Conifer and Evergreen, but no response. They are a bit different as they do not have true city offices. They are called chambers.

And if I have left something off, it was not intentional. Please let us know and we will add it.

A couple other things about elections. I am in the process of collecting information for those who wish to be an election judge and/or poll watcher for the November 2023 election. Please click the link below and fill out the form. Even if you have been a judge in the past, you need to fill out this form, as these will be the ones that the clerk will contact first. We need to fill 150 positions that are available to the Republican party. Let’s show the county clerk, we are ready to be part of the election system. Sign up today.

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