Who We Are

The Jeffco GOP is the Jefferson County, Colorado arm of the Republican Party. The elected members of our organization include County Party Officers, District Captains and Precinct Captains. Every two years, we reorganize the party through an election process. Our mission drives our work.

Current JCR Elected Officers

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Nancy Pallozzi


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Jackie Schroeder


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Liz Veeder

Vice Chair

What We Believe

Our mission is to inspire, educate, activate, and recruit citizens to elect Republican candidates who support our core values.

What We Do

Run Precinct Caucuses

Registered Republicans meet every two years in their neighborhood precincts to:

  1. Elect their representatives (delegates) to go to various assemblies in order to elect Republican(s) to appear on the Primary Ballot
  2. Propose and vote on the Party Platform (our stated values)
  3. Elect two Precinct Committee People to be members of the Central Committee (voting members of the Jeffco GOP organization). These two officials are the neighborhood liaison to the GOP. Any registered Republican meeting residency qualifications may run for this position.

Run the County Assembly

We choose our candidates for the Primary ballot at the County Assembly. These include: candidates for County Seats, State House and State Senate districts.

Encourage Liberty-minded Citizens to Run for Office

We want to see strong conservatives run for public office. We promote citizen statesmanship and offer training and support to potential candidates.

Assist GOP Candidates

Candidates run their own campaigns, but we help GOP candidates get elected primarily through the grassroots efforts of volunteers. We remain active throughout the year, informing our constituency, supporting our candidates, and working with our elected officials to ensure our values are promoted at all levels of government.

Never Stop

Our work is never done. Whether it is a General Election year or an “off-year” when nonpartisan races are held, we remain involved and promote conservative values.

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