2020 Colorado Secretary of State Elections Info:


2020 State and National Candidates:

Presidential Primary Candidates

2020 Amendments and Propositions on Ballot:

Amendments, Propositions, Initiatives

2020 Caucuses, Assemblies and Conventions Info:


2020 County Candidates

Matt Durkin for District Attorney

Joni Inman for County Commissioner 2

Libby Szabo for County Commissioner 1

Frank Hutfless for County Commissioner 2

2020 House District Candidates

Vicki Pyne for HD 27

Colin Larson for HD 22

Vanessa DeMott for HD 29

Donald Rosier for HD 25

2020 Current County Officials

Libby Szabo County Commissioner 1

Jeff Shrader Sheriff

Pete A Weir District Attorney at Jefferson

and Gilpin Counties, Colorado

jeffco DA