Thank you for your support!

In addition to using this fund to pay our operating expenses, the majority of the General Fund is used to support our Candidates. With the below link, you are able to set up a one-time payment, or recurring monthly or quarterly payments. There is a $4050 maximum donation per person, per year. Please consider donating to this important fund.

There’s more than one way to donate!

We are proud to announce that we have the Small Donor Fund Committee in place. You can now make a yearly $50 max donation per person to this fund. 100% of the money that is raised will be used directly to support Jeffco Republican candidates only. One of my promises, as your new Chair, is to support all candidates that are working with the party. This committee will distribute funds to candidates to help them with their campaigns. Every candidate will get some money. It may not be the same amount for all races, but they will be financially supported by the Jefferson County Republican Party.

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