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Our Republican Party is Focused on What Matters to YOU!


School choice is the only way to provide every opportunity to parents and s...


We encourage all free-market options to drive down the rising prices associ...


Colorado’s streets are crumbling and our highways can no longer keep up wit...

8 hours ago

With no cell phones, only milk or water to drink, what do you expect Marco Rubio to do?

9 hours ago

On Monday February 3rd, SB20-077, the Born Alive Bill sponsored by Republican State Senator Woodward, will be heard in committee down at the State Capitol. We encourage you to come down to the ... See more

1 day ago
He’s a vulnerable Republican in a state that’s trending blue. So why won’t he defy Trump on impeachment?

This WaPo article about Colorado being a swing state and Sen. Cory Gardner's chances for relection. Our Chair is quoted.

The author left out an important piece of information. When i asked Sen. ... See more

Cory Gardner is fighting for his political life. But a break with the president is unlikely.


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