Local Ballot Issues

This page contains more information on the local ballot issues found on the Jefferson County Colorado ballot. Over the next few days we will add items to this page.

Wheat Ridge Ballot Issue 2A - Allow potential government competition with cable, high-speed internet, telecommunications companies. May include public-private partnerships. 

Wheat Ridge Ballot Issue 2B - Retain surplus revenue instead of refunding to taxpayers as required under the Colorado Constitution. Note: Violates the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights as the forfeit period lasts longer than 4-years.

City of Lakewood 2D - Taxpayer's asked to forfeit refunds for 9-years.  Note: Violates the Taxpayer's Bill of Rights as the forfeit period lasts longer than 4-years.  This measure is opposed by Jefferson County Republican Executive Committee.  3rd party opposing this measure has a website SaveOurRefunds.com

City of Golden 2D - Allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in municipal elections.

City of Edgewater 2F - Allow City Council to set council members' salaries instead of by election.


2018 Ballot Guide

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Every election year we receive hundreds of requests for guidance on ballot issues, judicial retentions, and to provide information on candidates. We always publish complete information on the candidates but in the past we only provided limited information on the issues and judges.

The 2018 ballot is exceptionally long and complicated.  To assist voters and satisfy the request to provide more extensive coverage, we are pleased to provide voters with a comprehensive 24-page 2018 Ballot Guide. If you receive your ballot and encounter an issue not covered in our guide, please feel free to call or email us. 303-277-1113 or headquarters@jeffcorepublicans.com

Click HERE to open a PDF of our 2018 Ballot Guide. You can then save the PDF to your computer or print it out.


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