Become a Precinct Committee Person or Blockworker

Precinct Committee People (PC) are elected members of the central committee (JRCC). They represent the Republican Party at the neighborhood level and manage the precinct's GOTV efforts. Two PCs may be elected at each precinct caucus every 4 years. PCs may also be appointed and ratified by other members of the committee if there is a vacancy. So if you do not have two PCs in your precinct and are interested in an appointment, contact headquarters or other central committee members in your district (email available for logged in site members).

View your precinct's PCs, District Captains and Area Coordinator.

Read about the Jeffco Republican Central Committee Structure

What is a caucus?

If you want to take your involvement to the next level right now, you can work with members of the JRCC and candidates as a Blockworker.   Blockworkers help the team by chipping in where needed or adopting a block or two to manage. So contact your PCs and offer to help or Adopt a Block today.

More Information: See GOP Bylaws for a full description of the PC's role, or a summary of a PC's role here.