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Who We Are

The Jeffco GOP is the Jefferson County, Colorado arm of the Republican Party. The elected members of our organization include precinct captains, district captains, and the county officers. Every two years, we adopt a set of values known as a platform and accept a mission to promote those values.

What We Believe

The platform is developed from submissions coming out each precinct caucus (see below.) This platform contains our stated values which we expect our candidates to reflect. It can vary slightly, but generally adheres to the principles favoring limited government, lower taxes, free enterprise, and personal freedom and responsibility. Republicans vary widely in their beliefs on social issues, but many are pro life and supporters of the Second Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) as well as a strong national defense. 

What We Do

  • Run Precinct Caucuses ...Registered Republicans meet every two years in their Precincts to accomplish three things:
    • Elect their representatives (delegates) to go to various assemblies in order to elect Republican(s) to appear on the Primary Ballot.
    • Propose and vote on the Party Platform (our stated values).
    • Elect two Precinct Committee People to be members of the Central Committee (voting members of the Jeffco GOP organization). These two officials are their neighborhood liaison to the GOP. Any registered Republican meeting residency qualifications may run for this position.
  • Run the County Assembly... Candidates for the county, state house and state senate districts contained solely within Jefferson County are voted upon in order to gauge support. There are varying levels that qualify a candidate or candidates for the Primary ballot.
  • Encourage liberty-minded citizens to run for office...We promote citizen statesmanship and offer training and support to potential candidates for public office.
  • Assist GOP Candidates…We help GOP candidates get elected primarily through the grassroots efforts of volunteers.
  • Never stop...We remain vigilant and active throughout the year, informing our constituency, supporting our candidates and working with our elected officials to insure our values are promoted at all levels of government.

See Jeffco GOP Central Committee Structure for more information about our organization and how it works.

Other Volunteers

Volunteers not in the Central Committee contribute valuable time and skills throughout the year and particularly during the political campaign season. Examples of what our volunteers do:

  • Office staffing
  • Mailings and other prep work
  • Fund-raising
  • Website management
  • Delivering campaign materials to neighbors
  • Organizing meet-the-candidate parties
  • Phone banking
  • Manning fair booths


One hundred percent of our operations are funded by donations. Even though we are mandated to perform certain functions, we receive no contributions from the Colorado GOP, National GOP or any government entities. There are times when we work in conjunction with other counties and the state, however, we are completely independent with respect to operations and funding. Please consider contributing to our efforts. For more information please see the Donate page.

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