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Saturday, February 2nd

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The 2019 Jeffco Republican Party Organizational Meeting will be held Saturday, February 2nd at Green Mountain High School 13175 W Green Mountain Dr, Lakewood, CO 80228.

Check-in will begin at 8:00 am.
Meeting starts at 9:00 am.
The meeting is expected to adjourn in mid-afternoon.

The purpose of the February 2nd meeting:

  1. Elect a Jefferson County Republican Chair, Vice-chair, and Secretary for the 2-year term 2019-2020. These roles are open to any Republican who has been registered for 2 months or more prior to the meeting.

  2. Elect bonus members to serve as our representatives to the Colorado Republican Party Central Committee and elect our state chair, vice-chair, and secretary. State bonus members also serve as representatives on the Judicial District 1 Central Committee.

  3. Elect bonus members to serve as representatives on the Congressional District 1, 2, and 7 Central Committees.

  4. Elect (4) at-large members to the Jefferson County Commissioner Vacancy Committee.

  5. Elect District Captains.

  6. House and Senate Districts meet to elect their chair, vice-chair, and secretary for 2019-2020.



Would you like run for one or more of the positions? We welcome all eligible candidates. You can review our bylaws here to double-check your eligibility.

At minimum, you must be a registered republican for at least two-months prior to February 2, 2019 meeting to run for any of the positions. You MUST be a central committee member to run for the Jefferson County Commissioner Vacancy Committee.

Chair, Vice-chair, or Secretary consideration form HERE

State or Congressional District Bonus Member consideration form HERE

County Commissioner Vacancy Committee consideration form HERE

You're a central committee member and need a proxy form? Get it here.


Jefferson County Republican Party Officers

Elected officers serve for a two-year term. Each position has specific tasks. Additionally, the three officers also serve on the Colorado Republican Central Committee.

What are the tasks fulfilled by the chair, vice-chair, and secretary?

Chair's Duties

1. Direct the activities of the JCR, Area Coordinators, District Captains, and Precinct Committeepersons.
2. Preside at all meetings of the JCR, the Executive Committee, and the Credentials Committee.
3. Observe and enforce the bylaws of the JCR.
4. Appoint necessary staff members and members of the standing committees and special committees.
5. Appoint members of the Executive Committee, as provided by these bylaws.
6. Assure that all orders and resolutions of the JCR Executive Committee and County Assembly are followed.
7. Serve as a voting member of all standing and special committees.
8. Serve as Chairman of the County Assembly
9. Call all meetings of the JCR, including County Assembly and Executive Committee.
10. Perform such other duties as the JCR, Executive Committee, or County Assembly may assign or as may be required by law, i.e., precinct caucuses.

While not specifically mentioned in our bylaws, the chair will generally provide direction and lead fundraising efforts for the JCR.


Vice-Chair's Duties

1. Exercise the powers and assume the duties of the Chairman in the absence or inability to perform of the Chairman, except that the Vice Chairman shall not have the power to make any appointments.
2. Perform such other duties as the JCR, Executive Committee, County Assembly, or Chairman may assign.


Secretary's Duties

The Secretary shall perform such duties and have such powers as are incident to the office of Secretary, including the duty and power to: give notice of all JCR meetings, Executive and County Assembly meetings; attend all such meetings and keep a written record of the proceedings; and be custodian of the records of the JCR, Executive Committee, Vacancy Committee, Credentials Committee, County Assembly. The Secretary shall also maintain a current list at all times of all members and officers of the JCR, the Executive Committee, and the officers of State and County Republican Party organizations. In addition, the Secretary shall:

1. Provide to the elected officers of the JCR, at least five days prior to the convening of a County Assembly, a temporary roll of the delegates and alternates entitled to participate in such Assembly or other higher assemblies/conventions. The roll shall be prepared from the credentials of uncontested delegates forwarded to the Secretary from precinct caucuses.
2. Serve as Secretary at all meetings of the JCR, Executive Committee, Credentials Committee, Vacancy Committee, County Assembly.
3. Prepare and verify all credentials for delegates and alternates to the County Assembly.
4. Prepare certificates showing designations made by the County Assembly or to other higher assemblies/conventions.
5. Forward to the secretaries of other assemblies and conventions the names of all persons elected as delegates or alternates to such assemblies or conventions from precincts within Jefferson County.

6. Perform such other duties as the JCR, Executive Committee, County Assembly or Chairman may assign or as may be required by law.

What tasks are performed by Bonus Members?

Bonus members serve two-year terms and are our elected representatives to the state and congressional organizational committees.  By Colorado law, we are allotted an amount of bonus members based upon the cast votes for the republican governor in the last election within Jefferson County. Read Colorado Revised Statute 1-3-103 here

We have been allotted the following amount of bonus members:
(26) State Bonus Members
(4) Congressional District 1 Bonus Members
(4) Congressional District 2 Bonus Members
(16) Congressional District 7 Bonus Members

State Bonus Member Duties:

Participate in the state organizational meeting to elect the Colorado Republican Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary. At times, the meetings will also include revising our Colorado Republican Party bylaws. The state organizational meeting will be held Saturday, March 30th at Englewood High School. More details will be provided as soon as we get them.

Congressional District Bonus Member Duties:

Participate in the congressional organizational (CD1, CD2, or CD7) meeting to elect the chair, vice-chair, and secretary. Amend or ratify bylaws as needed.

What rules apply to serving on the County Commissioner Vacancy Committee?

Section 1. Committee Membership. The County Commissioner Vacancy Committee shall consist of seven voting members. The County Chairman, Vice Chair and Secretary shall serve as three of the voting members of the committee. Four members of the committee will be elected at-large at the organizational meeting. Members of said Committee shall serve a term of two years or until their successors in office are elected and qualified to serve. All vacancy committee members must be members of JCR. No Elected Public Official or their spouse may be elected as a member of the Committee.

What does a District Captain do?

In each delineated captain district at the organizational meeting there will be elected two District Captains who are chosen by precinct committee members. This is one of the most important roles in which you can serve.

District Captains (DC) assist precinct committee (PC) persons in distributing literature to voters on behalf of candidates and serve in a leadership role to Get Out the Vote (GOTV).  The DC initiates regular voter registration efforts and outreach to neighbors. Additionally, we count on DCs to insure the proper conduct of the precinct caucuses. 

Year-round outreach to voters is one of the most successful ways to ensure strong republican turnout as we are working on the 2020 presidential election. District captains work with the area coordinator, house and senate officers, candidates, and JCR officers.

If you have a question about the house or senate district meetings, please contact the area coordinator or the house or senate chair.



Chair and Area Coordinator Jim Foley (720) 220-6415


Chair Pro-tem Joe Stano (303) 986-6698

Area Coordinator Tina Griffiths (303) 960-9939


Chair Bill Castle (303) 216-0160

Area Coordinator Kathryn Isenberger (303) 241-9600


Chair John Newkirk (303) 898-1186

Area Coordinator Art Onweller (303) 670-1540


Chair Denise Mund (303) 808-7720

Area Coordinator Jonah Hearne (303) 249-9043


Chair Mary Janssen (720) 474-1877

Area Coordinator Nancy Pallozzi (720) 353-3171


Chair and Area Coordinator Nancy McNally (303) 469-4707


Chair Tim Leonard (720) 271-7856


Chair Nathan Hatcher (303) 954-8467


Chair Brian Delaet (720) 275-4646


Chair Leo Jankowski (303) 913-2558