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Two vacancies open in January 2019 on Westminster City Council.

Eligibility - One-year city residency, US Citizen, eligible elector
The Westminster City Clerk will open the application window just after January 1st.


With Councillor Shannon Bird’s election to the office of State Representative, House District 35, and Councillor Emma Pinter’s election to the office of Adams County Commissioner, District 3, two vacancies will exist on the Westminster City Council when the councillors submit their resignations.  

Per Section 5.7(a) of the Westminster City Charter, the City Council will have 30 days from their respective resignations to fill the vacancies.  

The process will include soliciting applications from qualified and interested applicants and appointing two of them to fill the unexpired terms. Applications for the seats currently held by Bird and Pinter will open just after the new year and will be open for 10 days. Public interviews will take place soon after and the new councillors will be sworn in on Monday, Jan. 28, 2019. Bird’s term continues until November 2019, and Pinter’s term continues until November 2021.  More information to come.

Note: The two positions that will open in January 2019 are in addition to a current vacancy for Maria DeCambra who resigned December 3, 2018 to take a position with the Polis administration.  City council is currently conducting interviews for DeCambra's position.

Between DeCambra, Bird, and Pinter, this totals three positions that will filled by city council within a one-month period.

Controversy has arisen as to whether this should have been moved to a special election allowing the citizens to retain their voice instead of insider appointments.

City Councillor David DeMott made a motion to set a special election thereby allowing Westminster voters to fill the vacancies but was unable to get a second on his motion.  We applaud Councilor DeMott's effort to let the citizens choose representation in this extreme case of three open positions.

Read more about the current process to fill DeCambra's seat.

Applicants who submitted their names to fill the current opening.

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