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Org Meeting Results

mund shields demott-caption

Jefferson County Republican Central Committee members elected Denise Mund, Erica Shields, and David DeMott to serve as the JCR leadership 2019-2020.

Many qualified candidates competed for the state and congressional district bonus positions. Thanks to everyone who threw their hat in the ring! The elected bonus members will go on to the March 30 Colorado Republicans Central Committee meeting to cast their votes for the state chair, vice-chair, and secretary.



Elected State Bonus Members (alphabetical order)

Marc Auville
Peter Boddie
Laura Boggs
Fred Clifford
Mike Donahue
Steven Dorman
Justin Everett
Jim Everson
Jim Foley
Tina Francone
Russell Haas
Alex Inscoe
Leo Jankowski
Christine Jensen
Ramey Johnson
Linda Mackety
Jimi McFarland
Natalie Menten
Renee Nelson
Tim Neville
Barb Neville
Nancy Pallozzi
Barry Rabinovich
Frank Teunissen
Joe Webb
Julie Williams

Elected Congressional District Bonus Members (alphabetical order)

Verle Beucke CD1
Peter Dolph CD1
Drew Kerin CD1
Gary Messick CD1
Peter Boddie CD2
Don Rosier CD2
Marc Auville CD7
Laura Boggs CD7
Brian DeLaet CD7
Steve Dorman CD7
Russell Haas CD7
William Hineser CD7
Mary Janssen CD7
Christine Jensen CD7
Ramey Johnson CD7
Linda Mackety CD7
Jimi McFarland CD7
Natalie Menten CD7
Renee Nelson CD7
Nancy Pallozzi CD7
Barry Rabinovich CD7
Julie Williams CD7

Jefferson County Republican Commissioner Vacancy Committee

Jimi McFarland
Barb Neville
Frank Teunissen
Julie Williams

National Popular Vote



Democrat Tyranny

Concerning adoption of an agreement among the states to elect the president of the United States by national popular vote.

This bill would award all of Colorado's electoral votes to the Presidential candidate who wins the national popular vote. Regardless of which candidate wins Colorado.

This would, in effect, mean that all of our Presidential elections going forward would be determined by New York and California.

The Democrats ignored the large crowds who testified against the bill. It now goes to the House floor scheduled for February 15.

Watch this enlightening video about concerns of smaller states such as Colorado.  YouTube Prager U


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