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Jefferson County Republicans seek to inspire, educate, activate, and recruit citizens of Jefferson County to elect Republican candidates that support our core values.

Our Republican Party is focused onWhat Matters to You


School choice is the only way to provide every opportunity to parents and s...


We encourage all free-market options to drive down the rising prices associ...


Colorado’s streets are crumbling and our highways can no longer keep up wit...

15 hours ago

It is so nice knowing that the Republican Party has always been the party openness, and inclusiveness!

17 hours ago
NH fire marshal: Trump DID smash Elton John's arena attendance record

Manchester's deputy fire marshal said Trump's rally crowd Thursday night was 'just over 11,500,' and 8,000-9,000 more stood outside watching on TV. Elton John's record had stood at 11,300.

17 hours ago

The President donates ALL of his salary to worthy causes. What a novel and refreshing approach!


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