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11-5-2020 Jeffco Candidate Results to Date:

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Jefferson County Election Office notice of IMPORTANT INFORMATION as of 11-5-2020

We have counted all ballots turned in through 7 p.m. on Election Day. We will continue to process military and overseas ballots, ballot cures, and Jeffco ballots that were delivered to other counties through Thursday, November 12.

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These results only include Jefferson County voters. For multi-county or statewide results, click “Statewide Results” at the top-right of this page.

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Jefferson County Election Results as of Today

President/Vice President
NO   Donald Trump for President     DonaldTrump.com
NO   Mike Pence for Vice-President     MikePenceforVicePresident

US States Senator
NO   Gardner for Senate     corygardnerforsenate.com

US Representative to 117th Congressional District 1
YES   Shane Bolling     shane4co.com
US Representative to 117th Congressional District 2
NO   Charlie Winn for CD 2    winnforcolorado.com
US Representative to 117th Congressional District 7
NO   Casper Stockham for CD 7     casperforcolorado.com

State Board of Education Member Congressional District 1
YES   Syddnia Wulf for CD 1    cologop.org/2020-general-election-candidates/
State Board of Education Member Congressional District 7
NO   Nancy Pallozzi for State Board of Education for CD 7     nancyforkids.com

Regent of University of Colorado Congressional District 2
☑︎   Dick Murphy for CD 2    cologop.org/2020-general-election-candidates/

State Senator District 19
NO   Lynn Gerber for SD 19     lynngerberforsd19.com

State Representative District 1
YES  Samantha Koch    samanthaforcoloradovalues.com

State Representative District 22
YES   Colin Larson for HD 22     colinforcolorado.com

State Representative District 23
NO   Fred Clifford for HD 23     fredclifford.com

State Representative District 24
NO   Laurel Imer for HD 24     ImerForColorado@gmail.com

State Representative District 25
NO   Donald Rosier for HD 25     donaldrosier.com

State Representative District 27
NO   Vicki Pyne for HD 27     vickipyneforhd27.com

State Representative District 28
NO   Pete Roybal for HD 28     electroybal2020.com

State Representative District 29
NO   Vanessa DeMott for HD 29     demottforcolorado.com

District Attorney 1st Judicial District
NO   Matt Durkin for District Attorney     durkinforda.com

Jefferson County Commissioner District 1 
NO   Libby Szabo for County Commissioner 1     libbyszabo.org
Jefferson County Commissioner District 2
NO   Joni Inman for County Commissioner 2     joniforjeffco.com

Jefferson County Surveyor
YES   Bob Hennessy for County Surveyor

Justices of the Colorado Supreme Court
YES   Melissa Hart
YES   Carlos A. Samour
Colorado Court of Appeals Judges
YES   Ted C. Tow III
YES   Craig R. Welling
District Court Judges 1st Judicial District
NO   Randall C Arp
NO   Ann Gail Meinster
YES   Lilly Oeffler
YES   Tamara Russell
NO   Christopher Zenisek
Jefferson County Court Judges
YES   Bradley Allen Burback
YES   Verna Lee Carpenter
YES   K.J. Moore
YES   Harold Sargent

Ballot Measures

YES   Amendment B – Repeal of Gallagher Amendment

This would remove the Constitutional requirement that the legislature adjust residential property tax so as to not exceed 45% of total collections. Although business/commercial property owners have long desired to make more equitable the assessed rates between residential and nonresidential property, this does nothing to adjust the 29% assessment rate applied to commercial property. If passed, the net effect to residential property will be more tax collected in future years than if this did not pass (without any reduction on nonresidential collections)–VOTE NO

YES   Amendment C – Rule changes for Bingo Raffles–NO POSITION


YES   Amendment 76 – Citizenship Qualification of Electors–VOTE YES

Consistent with JCR’s 2020 Party Platform #10, The Jefferson County Republican Party affirmed the function of government to protect each eligible citizen’s right to vote and to take every lawful action to protect the integrity and security of Colorado elections.

YES   Amendment 77 – Additional gaming in Mountain Communities–NO POSITION
YES   Proposition EE – Cigarette Tobacco & Nicotine Products Tax 

Increase in taxes ($294,000,000 annually), “initially using the tax revenue primarily for public school funding”, “and then for programs that reduce the use of tobacco and nicotine products, enhance the voluntary Colorado preschool program and make it widely available for free”, “with the state keeping and spending all of the new tax revenue as a voter-approved revenue change” [emphasis added]. This would allow the state to take funds already dedicated to this purpose (tobacco settlement funds), and use them in the general fund when replaced by these new revenues. VOTE NO

YES   Proposition 113 – National Popular Vote 

Consistent with JCR’s 2020 Party Platform #11, the Jefferson County Republican Party is in favor of maintaining an Electoral College system for voting rather than supporting a national popular vote. VOTE NO

Still counting   Proposition 114 – Restoration of Grey [gray] Wolves

This measure would require the Colorado parks and wildlife commission to implement a plan for gray wolves on designated lands west of the continental divide; and require the commission to fairly compensate owners for losses of livestock caused by gray wolves. VOTE NO

NO   Proposition 115 – Prohibition on Late-Term Abortions 

Consistent with JCR’s 2020 Party Platform #16, the Jefferson County Republican Party resolved that the inalienable rights of the unborn should be protected. VOTE YES

YES   Proposition 116 – State Income Tax Rate Reduction VOTE YES
YES   Proposition 117 – Voter Approval for Fee-Based Enterprises

Consistent with JCR’s 2020 Party Platform #2, the Jefferson County Republican Party supports the TABOR amendment as written and opposes any attempts to circumvent Colorado Constitution X, Section 20, “The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.” In recent years, the Colorado legislature has utilized an increasing number of “Enterprises”, which have been used to bypass voter approval of fees that are often essentially taxes by another name. This will close this legislative loophole. VOTE YES

YES   Proposition 118 – Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program

The Colorado legislature has considered various versions of a paid family and medical leave program, and has been unable to garner enough votes within the one-party [democrat] control to pass. This Proposition is even more onerous to businesses than many of the other versions considered. Placing these additional burdens on businesses that may already be struggling to survive in the current situation unwise and unreasonable. VOTE NO


YES   CITY OF EDGEWATER Ballot Question 2A
YES   CITY OF LITTLETON Ballot Question 3A
YES   CITY OF LITTLETON Ballot Question 300

YES   Blue Mountain Water District Ballot Issue 6A
YES   Lookout Mountain Water District Ballot Issue 6B
YES  Forest Hills Metropolitan District Ballot Issue 6C
YES  Forest Hills Metropolitan District Ballot Issue 6D

YES  Foothills Park & Recreation District Ballot Issue 6E

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