Precinct Committee Person Job Description

Two committeepeople may be elected from each precinct in Jefferson County for a two year term.  They are either elected by a majority of the qualified Republican attendees at the Caucus or, in the event of a vacancy, are nominated by the vacancy committee and ratified by the Central Committee.  Committeepeople are the most effective Republican representatives for advocating and defending our Party’s principles, policies, elected officials, and candidates. They are the grassroots level of the party.

Legal Qualifications:

A person 18 years or older, registered as a Republican two months prior to the Caucus and residing within the precinct 30 days prior to the caucus; except that a person who becomes 18 years old or becomes a naturalized citizen within two months immediately preceding the Caucus may be a candidate for committee person even though he or she has been a registered Republican less than two months as shown in the records of the County Clerk and Recorder.

Specific Responsibilities:


  1. Organize each precinct by blocks or streets
  2. Recruit and train volunteers (blockworkers) to help with campaigns
  3. Use available data and canvass the precinct to identify:
  4. a. all favorable voters

    b. favorable voters who are unregistered and need registration information

    c. favorable voters who are candidates for permanent mail in ballot status

    d. favorable voters who need special assistance on election day

  5. Be prepared to run the precinct Caucus
  6. Be prepared to assist the party or candidates for literature distribution
  7. Provide for ballot security and poll watching on Election Day.
  8. Be the Republican Party’s year-round liaison in your neighborhood.