Caucus Participation Eligibilty

The following excerpt covers caucus eligibility. If you attend a caucus and are not on the list of eligible Republicans, you will be required to confirm eligibility with the Clerk and Recorder before you are able to participate in the caucus proceedings. To avoid delay and the possibility that you will miss your opportunity to participate, please contact the Clerk and Recorder in advance at 303-271-8111 if you are unsure about your eligibility.

1-3-101. Party affiliation required - residence. (1) In order to vote at any precinct caucus, assembly, or convention of a political party, the elector shall be a resident of the precinct for thirty days, shall have registered to vote no later than twenty-nine days before the caucus, assembly, or convention, and shall be affiliated with the political party holding the caucus, assembly, or convention for at least two months as shown on the registration books of the county clerk and recorder; except that any registered elector who has attained the age of eighteen years or who has become a naturalized citizen during the two months immediately preceding the meeting may vote at any caucus, assembly, or convention even though the elector has been affiliated with the political party for less than two months.
(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1) of this section and section 1-2-101 (1) (b), an elector who moves from the precinct where registered during the twenty-nine days prior to any caucus shall be permitted to participate and vote at the caucus in the precinct of the elector's former residence but shall not be eligible for election as a delegate or for nomination as a precinct committeeperson in the former precinct.
(3) (a) No later than twenty-eight days prior to the date of the precinct caucus, the county clerk and recorder shall furnish without charge to each major political party in the county a list of the registered electors in the county who are affiliated with that political party.